Ski through the city, speed up your drop-off with Express Drop, and pickup dry cleaning and laundry to win free cleaning!*

High Scores




How to play & prizes

*Prizes will be randomly drawn on Feb 20, 2021. Winners will be notified by email. Every score over 1500 points earns 1 entry. Highest score will win $500 prize. Full rules can be seen here.

Tilt to Steer on Phone
If you're on your computer, you can use your arrow keys
Use 24/7 Express Drop
To get a speed bonus
Pick up laundry and dry cleaning
To collect points
Navigate the flags
If you miss 5, it's game over
Prizes start at 1500 points
$500 CD One credit, 1 month of Wash and Fold, and Free blanket/comforter cleaning
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